In May 2015, a GCCM was used to line a series of bunds at a remote tank storage facility in Cook, Cooper Basin, South West Queensland, Australia.

The existing bund had been affected by scouring which compromised the integrity of the bund. Shotcrete was considered for the installation however this posed a risk to the surrounding pipe infrastructure and would have required transporting much more material to site, which would have been costly due to the site’s remote location.

Due to the access issues hand tools had to be used to complete the majority of the bund re-profiling required, before anchor trenches were cut into either side. The product was then unrolled on the flat and cut to specific profile length, carried to site by hand and deployed transversely across the bund, with each layer overlapping the previous by 100mm. The overlaps were jointed with screws every 200mm using an autofed screwdriver and ground pegs were inserted through the overlaps to fix theproduct in the anchor trenches. Hydration was achieved using a bowser and pressure hose with spray nozzle attached, after which the anchor trenches were backfilled to prevent water ingress under the product and provide a neat termination.

In total, 1600sqm was installed in just 5 days by 3 people. The use of a GCCM allowed for concrete installation where it would not have otherwise been possible due to the limitations of conventional concreting methods. The client was pleased with the speed and neatness of the install.